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Innovation is our means of saving lives

Here at INEX INNOVATE, the future is now. We want to give women the freedom to enjoy happy, healthy lives. It begins by delivering a more precise diagnosis science can afford.

Small but mighty

We are grounded in our mission to make a meaningful difference in women’s lives.  Whilst based in the tiny red dot of Singapore, our dedication to innovative technologies put us on track to impact women's and fetal health globally.

DNA Unlocked

With whole genome sequencing, our scientists can now unlock the power of the genome, studying genetic information on unprecedented levels. This means we are able to detect conditions and abnormalities at an early stage.

INEX INNOVATE was founded by experts in obstetrics, gynaecology, oncology and reproductive health. Our founders wear multiple hats as scientists, clinicians and academics, and as such, understand the unmet needs faced by patients and medical professionals.

Wealth of Intellectual Property

We have a portfolio of patents around the world, and welcome opportunities to bring new technologies to your market to improve healthcare options.